Letters and Locksmiths: How a Locksmith Can Keep Your Mailbox Safe from Thieves

If you live in an apartment building in Australia, there is a good chance that your mailbox may eventually become a target for mail thieves. Because of the poor design standards for apartment mailboxes, there is little to stop mail thieves from breaking into them. The fact that these mailboxes are all located in one area, usually in the lobby, further increases the risk. Mailbox Locks are Poorly Designed Even if your mailbox, and in fact the mailboxes of your neighbors, have yet to be targeted, it may only be a matter of time.

How to Protect Your Outbuildings From Crime

In Australian homes, outbuildings are often left in a relatively unprotected state, unlike the parts that are lived in. Although the number one item stolen from homes in the country is money – and few people would keep cash in an outbuilding – all sorts of goodies stored in a shed, a summerhouse or a garage can attract the unwanted attention of thieves. Belongings that can be sold on quickly are frequently targeted by criminals.