Bathroom Remodelling Tips and Solutions

Remodelling your home's bathroom can give you a space that is more inviting, perfect for when you want to relax in a hot shower or bath. Remodelling a bathroom also gives you a chance to add more storage, so your bathroom is more functional for everyone in the family. When you are ready to plan a bathroom remodel, however, you might note some important tips and solutions to discuss with your designer or contractor, to ensure you end up with a more functional yet more inviting bathroom space in your home.


Adding new cabinets in the bathroom can mean additional storage, which can be needed, but this can also mean a cramped and crowded bathroom that is very uncomfortable to use. Rather than assuming that larger cabinets are your best or only choice for added storage in a bathroom, work with a designer to create storage that doesn't cut into the footprint of the room. This can mean built-in shelving, a row of shelves along the bathroom mirror for smaller items, or a row of shelves on the upper part of the walls, for towels and baskets of smaller items. You'll then have storage in the bathroom without creating a cramped space.


If you never soak in a hot bath, or if you have a hot tub on your property, you may want to rethink adding a large garden tub to your bathroom, or even keeping a bathtub at all. Tubs take up lots of extra room in a bathroom, whereas a walk-in shower with added showerheads, and a glass shower screen, can offer a relaxing shower experience, while also making a space seem open and airy.

Shower screens

A bathroom remodel is a chance to add materials that are easy to clean, and which will stay in style for years to come. Glass shower screens are a good choice in both these areas, as glass screens don't hold mildew, as do shower curtain liners, and won't show dirty fingerprints as easily as a shower curtain. You can quickly and easily squeegee a shower screen, without scrubbing or using harsh and noxious bleach or other chemical cleaners. Glass is also very neutral and will work with any changes you make in the bathroom in the future, such as when you buy new linens or repaint the walls. Consider adding a shower screen, either with a tub or with a walk-in shower, for your bathroom remodel, for a cleaner space that will be stylish and attractive for years to come.

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