How to Buy the Right Mesh Fence for Your Residential Space

A mesh fence is very durable and often very affordable, and choosing a high-quality mesh can mean little to no maintenance for the fence over time. To ensure you choose the best mesh fence for your property, note a few tips to keep in mind before you even begin shopping.

Size of mesh

The smaller the mesh, the more privacy and wind blockage you will get from your fence. Small mesh can also mean less of a toehold for anyone who might be tempted to climb the fence, so it's good for added security.

However, blocking wind from blowing through a fence also means that the fence might block anything else that would normally go through the mesh, including newspapers and other litter. You may even notice snow clinging to the mesh itself, if you opt for openings that are too small! For a mesh fence around a pool or in a very windy, desert area, choose smaller mesh to keep out debris, but for other properties, you might want a larger mesh so that debris can blow through and not get caught around the fence or built up on it.

You might also consider if you'll be planting anything near the mesh fence and how the size of the mesh would affect that vegetation. For example, if you like the look of manicured hedges, small mesh won't allow branches to grow through, and you'll get that clean and square look you enjoy. This can also be good if you don't want your shrubbery to encroach on a neighbour's property. On the other hand, if you want to plant climbing vines along the fence itself, you'll need to choose larger mesh that can offer enough room for those vines to grow freely.

Colour of mesh

Metal fences can be powder coated virtually any colour, and vinyl-covered mesh fences also typically come in a wide array of colours. However, be cautious about choosing something too bold, as you need to remember that your new mesh fence will span a long area of your property. You might assume that a bright green fence will blend nicely with your yard, for example, but it may actually look too bright and artificial once installed.

While a subtle colour can be good for many residential properties, you might actually choose something brighter for a farm or more rural area. This may reduce the risk of trespassers making their way onto your property, and might also make the fence more visible to wildlife, so they're less like to actually run into the fence and cause damage.

For more information about what kind of mesh fencing you should install, contact mesh suppliers in your area.