3 Curtain Design Tips to Make Your Living Room Look Bigger

Your choice of window furnishings can make or break your living room décor. Some curtains will make a room look smaller than it is while others will make it look big and visually appealing. Now, if you are in a home or apartment that has a small living space, the last thing you need is to choose furnishings that make the space look even smaller than it already is. This article will teach you four useful tips that you can follow when designing and hanging curtains to ensure that they enhance your living space and make it look large.

Choose neutral colours

When choosing the best colour for your curtains, you need to understand how colour affects the surroundings. Dark shades tend to absorb light, making a room look smaller than it is. Also, they distract the eye due to the contrast between them and the adjacent walls, and this causes you to view the room as small. Go for neutral shades such as whites, greys, and creams as they reflect light and make your house look big. Also, they let in more natural light and brighten the room. If you want to improve the visual appeal of your living room and make it look spacious, opt for bright and neutral shades over the dark ones.

Opt for lighter drapes

As you design custom curtains for your home, you can either select heavy or light drapes. Heavy drapes add warmth to a room and are ideal during the cold season as they help to retain heat. However, they also block out most of the natural light from the house and make the space look small. On the other hand, light curtains or sheer curtains have the opposite effect. The light fabric gives the room an airy feel, and it also lets in more natural light as compared to the heavy curtains. So, during the hot months of the year, you can switch from heavy to light drapes to make your living room area look spacious.

Hang the curtains high

The way in which you hang your curtains can also affect the overall appearance of the living room. Small curtains that are just fitting the window area usually make your room and windows look small. On the other hand, if you design long curtains that hang above the window and flow all the way to the floor, they will make your window area look big. With a seemingly larger window, your entire living room will also look bigger as well. Take proper measurements so that you can design drapes which are longer and wider than your window.

Work with an experienced designer who can help you design custom-made curtains that will enhance your living space and make it look bigger than it is.