5 Reasons to Consider Concrete Kitchen Benchtops

There are a huge range of kitchen benchtop materials now available, so you don't need to stick to typical options like granite or quartz. One option you might not have considered is concrete. While this might not seem like a natural choice, it offers several compelling advantages covering everything from looks to longevity.

Here are just five reasons to consider concrete kitchen benchtops for your home.

1. Impressive Durability

It should come as no surprise that concrete benchtops offer exceptional durability. The naturally hard surface will ensure that chips and scratches are very hard to make, and you can also have your concrete treated with a protective coating to make it even more robust. Whether you drop a pan or knock it with a knife, you can count on concrete kitchen benchtops to stay in prime condition for years to come.

2. Versatile Appearance

Most people assume concrete benchtops will look just like the concrete used for construction. While that is an option if you want a more industrial appearance, concrete can also be customized to match a wide range of styles. Polished concrete takes on a more luxurious appearance, and you can also have it stained, etched, or stamped to create something unique. Thanks to the versatility of concrete, you can also opt for different edge patterns for an added touch.

3. Heat Resistance

You never know when you're going to need to put a hot pot or casserole dish down in a hurry, so it's smart to choose kitchen benchtops that can handle high temperatures. Concrete is excellent in this regard since it stands up to heat extremely well. Even if something has come right out of the oven, you'll be able to place it on your concrete benchtops without having to worry about leaving a mark.

4. Convenient Maintenance

Concrete kitchen benchtops will need to be resealed every couple of years to ensure the protective coating remains intact, but that's all the maintenance most homeowners will ever need to worry about. Better yet, there's no need to invest in special cleaning products. All it takes is a quick wipe-down with hot soapy water to keep your concrete benchtops clean.

5. Custom Features

While concrete is incredibly tough once it hardens, you can have custom features integrated into it before that happens, and that's ideal for kitchen benchtops. You can cast features such as cutting boards or draining boards into the surface for added convenience and a cool modern appearance. 

For more information about kitchen benchtops, contact a local company.