Reasons to Install Security Screens on Your Home

If you want to relax in your home and feel safe with the doors and windows flung open, you can install security screens. Otherwise, an intruder could break in and ruin your peace of mind. Consider the following reasons for such an upgrade.


Security screens often use a tough material such as stainless steel meshing that resists being slashed or broken through. These screens maintain an outdoor view, and they don't feature bars that create a claustrophobic feel. They're unobtrusive while increasing safety levels. Black powder-coated mesh is even more invisible.

Suits Diverse Windows and Doors

Security screens can be fitted to variously sized and shaped windows and doors. Additionally, they come in a wide assortment that works with different styles, including bi-fold and sliding models. Thus, even if your home doesn't feature standard openings, you can still maintain security. In any case, you can customize them to fit your unique house.

Offers Color Options

Security screens are available in different powder coated colors—such as beige, grey, and white—which you can match to elements like window frames.  If you choose a harmonizing color, the screens will blend with your home to create a sleek appearance.

Adheres to Standards

Security screens are regulated by standards that ensure you won't end up with a flimsy product that is easy to penetrate. These standards specify the screen's construction and how they should be installed so they can't easily be torn off. Additionally, to be sold as a security screen, the shield will need to pass a series of tests that simulate break-in attempts. These tests include ways that intruders might try, such as prying the screen from its hinges, slashing it, or breaking it down with brute force. Thus, you can feel confident that the screen is extremely tough to get past.

Keeps Insects Out

These robust meshes also keep bugs and insects out. Thus, during the summer, you can enjoy the breeze without being bothered by flies and mosquitoes. The screen will also block out other creepy crawlies, such as spiders.

Thus, installing security screens offer numerous benefits. They'll make it challenging for intruders to gain entry to your home. Additionally, they can be fitted to various door and window styles and are available in different colors. Finally, security screens must adhere to standards that govern their structure and installation so that you can feel confident that your home is safe.