4 Reasons to Fit Your Kitchen Island With a Hob

More and more people are adding kitchen islands to their homes, and it isn't hard to understand why. A kitchen island provides added space for anything from food prep to appliances, and it makes the most of available floor space, especially in larger rooms. Of course, there are more than a few things you'll want to think about when you're deciding on a kitchen island. For example, have you considered moving your cooktop to the island?

Placing the hob on your island is perfectly possible, and you can even pick up an extractor hood that hangs from the ceiling to ensure your kitchen stays looking clean and smelling fresh.

Here are just four reasons why putting a hob on your kitchen island is a great idea.

1. Added Space Around the Cooking Surface

One of the main things people love about kitchen islands is having more space for food prep. If you're really into cooking, you probably have plenty of meals in your recipe book that require lots of ingredients to be prepared before you start cooking. Having that extra space on an island with an inbuilt hob means everything is around you when you need it. Instead of you having to reach around and pick up what you need from various surfaces, it'll be ready to go right next to you.

2. Easy to Cook While Socialising

Cooking isn't always a solo task, and fitting the hob on your kitchen island can help make it more social. Instead of having your back to everyone else, you can prepare and cook meals while standing around the island with your guests or family. Whether you want to share cooking duties with a loved one or you're chatting with your friends as you serve them a meal, having the hob on your kitchen island makes sense.

3. Great for Keeping an Eye on the Kids

There's another advantage that comes with being able to cook without keeping your back to the rest of the room. If you're a parent, you'll enjoy being able to keep an eye on your kids as you cook. Whether you're worried about older kids misbehaving as they play or you want to have your eyes on the baby's high chair as you make food, a kitchen island hob helps make it happen.

4. More Convenient to Clean

Nobody likes cleaning a kitchen, but you can make things easier and faster with a kitchen island hob. Since traditional cooking surfaces are so close to walls, a lot of the oil and food that spits out during cooking ends up building up at the point where the wall and countertop meet. The same is true for crumbs of food. Cleaning around a kitchen island hob is easier because you're dealing with one flat surface.

For more information and ideas, contact a company that provides custom-made kitchen designs.