How to Prepare for a Home Invasion on a Budget

While crime in general is on a downward trend, home invasions still happen relatively frequently with over 120,000 occurring to residential properties in 2014. Your chances also increase depending on what suburb you live in as there are several "hotspots" where crime in general is more prevalent. If you are concerned about your family's safety then there are a few simple steps that you can take that will not cost too much and drastically reduce your chances of being a victim of a home invasion. 

Get a Security Door

Security doors are a great way to completely block the easiest entry into your house; the front and back doors. Most security doors simply look like fly screen doors (and, coincidentally, do stop bugs and insects as well) and are very unobtrusive to look at which is a huge plus; you do not want to feel like you are living in a prison. Do not be deceived by their looks, however, because security doors can withstand exceptional pressure from tools as well as knives and other weapons. Unless the would-be intruders are planning on spending an hour with specialised tools there is a very low chance they will be able to get into your home through your security doors. If the criminals are insistent on going through that door you will have ample warning to call the police and move your family to a safer location.

Keep Your House Locked Down 

Locking your house down does not just mean the front door but also keeping all windows shut (and locked if possible) at night and whenever people are out. Most of the time intruders are looking for the easiest possible score they can so if they find your house impossible to get into without breaking a window or door then they will move along. You should also consider leaving lights on in your living room to give off the impression there are people home.

Add a Porch Light Sensor 

A great addition to any house a porch light that is triggered by a motion sensor will undoubtedly spook any intruders as well as providing you with a helpful tool when coming home late at night. You can also add these lights around the full facade of your house so that if any movement occurs within a certain range it will immediately expose them. This is a great solution if you have not a lot of money to spend on complicated security systems. It won't stop a determined burglar but it will dissuade most and, hopefully, alert you to the presence of those that continue to try and break in.