How Fire Ants Can Cause Your Business to Incur Significant Losses

When most people think of pests, they only picture rodents (such as mice) and insects such as cockroaches, termites, and bedbugs. However, fire ants also fall into the category of pests based on the harm that they can cause to your business. In particular, if your business is located outdoors (such as an agricultural company, food storage company, or greenhouse businesses), fire ants can cause extensive damage.

These ants are present in colonies, and they swarm when they're ready to branch out and reproduce. In their path, they expose people and property to risks as they look for food and breeding grounds. Here's how fire ants can cause you to incur significant losses.

Attacking employees and customers

Fire ants have large mandibles near their mouths that they use to chew and bite through items. When they come in contact with human flesh, they cause a sharp sting that resembles your body "being on fire." Fire ant stings cause a burning sensation that can also result in allergic reactions.

If your business is infested with fire ants, employees and customers may be at risk of being stung and obtaining wounds or other negative effects if an allergic reaction is triggered. What's worse is that these ants can also hide in furniture, such as sofas, and in window frames where they can easily attack people.

Damaging electrical equipment

As fire ants swarm and look to feed and reproduce, they form nests that can interfere with your outdoor spaces. These nests can be formed near electrical lines where the ants may chew through cables and other equipment. The damage is often expensive to fix, especially when it occurs during inconvenient times.

If you're in the business of developing golf courses or outdoor parks, fire ants can be unwelcome guests who interfere with the customer experience. 

Interfering with wildlife and vegetation

Fire ants also cause a significant environmental impact. Their swarms are ferocious, consuming insects and even mammals such as birds. Therefore, they can interfere with the diversity of your outdoor space as they satisfy their appetite.

Perhaps the most significant effect of fire ants is on vegetation. Fire ants are known to consume seeds and leaves, causing agricultural businesses to suffer losses from their harvests.

Businesses should take steps to have fire ants controlled via a commercial pest control company. This will protect both indoor and outdoor areas of the business from fire ant infestations.