Simple packing supplies for making your move easier

When moving over long distances, it's the little things that matter. Do you have your items organised? Do you have enough time to plan? Indeed, these seemingly minor details are the difference between a smoothly organised process and utter chaos.

When moving across state lines, there are certain packing supplies that you must have. These simple and affordable items will make packing easier, keep your items safe while on the road, and keep your belongings well organised.

And no, this article is not talking about the obvious items such as boxes and labels. Read on to find out what you will need in addition to those common packing supplies.

1. Packing paper

When moving, a top priority is to safely pack all your delicate items. Packing paper comes in handy to cushion and secure kitchenware, paintings, and sharp objects. It's also useful for cushioning items that have loose, moving parts.

You can use packing paper in the following ways. First, use it to individually wrap glasses, plates, and other fragile items. With several layers of packing paper, the likelihood of breakage will be reduced. In addition, packing paper can be stuffed in loose spaces inside boxes. This will prevent items from shifting around and colliding while being transported.

Because packing paper is inexpensive, you can use it generously to protect fragile items and other valuables.

2. A weighing scale

Why obtain a weighing scale while moving? A scale can help prevent damage to your back, neck, and knees when lifting heavy boxes. During the packing process, make sure each box is not too heavy to lift. It's often advisable not to exceed 23kg for each box that you pack. Any item exceeding this weight can potentially cause strains to various parts of your body when you try to lift it.

Ensuring the proper weight of your boxes will also keep your friends and family safe from strains (they were already kind enough to help, so it's the least you could do). Use the weighing scale to measure each box during packing, and shift items accordingly.

3. Padlocks

Many movers tend to overlook the importance of securing their items. Breakage is not the only risk you may face, as theft can also be a real concern. Make sure you secure your valuables by obtaining several padlocks.

Padlocks come in handy for keeping jewellery, electronics, and important documents safe. Keep these items in a tough box and lock them using a padlock. You may also need padlocks to secure items that are placed in a storage unit.

For more tips and help, work with a local removals company.