Why You Need Shutters if You Live on a Busy Street

Whether your house is in a commercial zone or your street just has a lot of residents, living in a busy area can be a nightmare. One way to alleviate the problems that come with having a home in a crowded area is to get shutters fitted to your windows. Here are 3 ways they could help you.

Shutters Shield You From Prying Eyes

One of the most obvious benefits of shutters is that they block nosy passersby from looking into your home. If your street has high footfall, it's likely that you have to deal with people peering into your house on a daily basis. Feeling like you and your home are on show all the time can start to get draining, making you worry about how you act in your own home or how clean a room is. Shutters are a great way to get rid of this privacy problem; when they're closed, it will be impossible for people to look inside your home. The best shutters have adjustable louvres that you can angle to let light in while still protecting your home from prying eyes.

Shutters Keep Out Noise

Aside from a lack of privacy, another downside of living on a busy street is noise. Revving cars and talking pedestrians passing by all day can make it difficult to get any peace, so it's important that you have a noise-reducing window covering to shield your home from the racket. The thick, solid construction of shutters will help absorb and reflect sound from outdoors in a way that curtains and most blinds can't. Ideally, opt for shutters that are fitted to your whole window rather than café-style shutters with an open top. This will ensure that there are no gaps for noise to enter through.

Shutters Won't Collect Pollutants

One of the most overlooked problems that living on a busy street brings is pollution. Every time a car drives past your house, it leaves behind a trail of exhaust fumes. If you like to keep your windows open sometimes, this polluted air can get absorbed by fabric-based window coverings like curtains. Aside from discolouring curtains and leaving a bad smell, pollutants can make you sick if they linger in your home day after day. Shutters, on the hand, aren't permeable. They're made from rigid materials and are often coated in a protective sealant. This means that they won't collect fumes from nearby vehicles; all you need to do to keep them clean and odour-free is wipe them down occasionally.