3 Ideas To Help You Decide Between PVC And Cloth For Your Indoor Blinds

Indoor blinds are a great way to help you filter out the sunlight when needed while adding aesthetic appeal to your living space. From different colours and materials to styles and designs, you have several decisions to make before the actual installation. Choosing the right material can be a bit confusing when you haven't done this before. Here are some ideas to help you decide between PVC and cloth materials for your indoor blinds.

What Kind Of Maintenance Schedule Do You Follow?

Your maintenance schedule will play an important role in your decision to choose between PVC and cloth materials. If you are busy and don't have much time for house maintenance, then you may want to consider PVC blinds because they simply need a wipe down or vacuuming to look refreshed. Cloth blinds need a little more care, especially if you end up dropping something on them accidentally. If you're looking for minimal maintenance options, then dark colours typically work better than lighter colours because they can conceal dirt more efficiently.

How Often Do You Open And Shut Your Blinds?

You naturally want to open and shut your blinds when you're looking to draw natural light inside or block sunlight depending on the time of day and your specific needs. Opening and shutting them constantly may result in distortion of the slats – especially if you tend to rush with your operation. The amount of distortion will depend on the rigidity of the material. Softer cloth fabrics are generally able to withstand distortions because they move back into place, while rigid PVCs may be more susceptible to damage. However, new PVC materials have been designed to emulate the softness of cloth fabric and are generally more sustainable for longer periods.

What Kind Of Interior Finish Are You Looking For?

Your own personal taste may impact your decision to choose between PVC and cloth materials, especially if you want to create a cohesive finish to match your existing furnishings. For example, if you have fabric sofas, then you may want to consider using the same material and colour for your blinds to tie the space together homogenously. If you have leather sofas and like the idea of glossier tones, then you may prefer PVC materials for your indoor blinds

Both cloth and PVC blinds can look amazing in your home, depending on what you're looking to gain from them. Choosing the right material needs some serious thought to help you make a good decision.