Letters and Locksmiths: How a Locksmith Can Keep Your Mailbox Safe from Thieves

If you live in an apartment building in Australia, there is a good chance that your mailbox may eventually become a target for mail thieves. Because of the poor design standards for apartment mailboxes, there is little to stop mail thieves from breaking into them. The fact that these mailboxes are all located in one area, usually in the lobby, further increases the risk.

Mailbox Locks are Poorly Designed

Even if your mailbox, and in fact the mailboxes of your neighbors, have yet to be targeted, it may only be a matter of time. In early 2017, a spate of mailbox thefts led to the City of Sydney calling for an improvement in the design standards of apartment mailboxes. At present, their location and design leaves them at the mercy of thieves.

A Single Master Key Can Access Many Mailboxes

Mail carriers and are usually in possession of a master key. This master key allows them to access low security mailboxes. Unfortunately, because most apartment mailboxes are fitted with low security locks, a single master key may be used to access thousands of mailboxes spread across many apartment units.

A single thief then, could easily waltz into your apartment block and clean out every mailbox in sight within a matter of minutes. In fact, that is exactly what happened in August 2016, when a man took just 2 minutes to clear out the mailboxes of a unit complex in Manly, Sydney. Master keys for low security mailboxes are easily obtainable on the black market.

A Thief Can Steal Your Identity

Low security locks of the type found in many Australian apartment complexes can also be accessed without a master key. If your low security lock has a number beneath the keyhole, a thief can use that number to have a key cut for your lock. The purpose of those numbers is so that you can have a replacement made if you lose your original. Thieves can do that too.

Mail thieves don't just steal your online shopping deliveries, the clever thieves will be after your identity. Sensitive information, such as bank details, credit cards and birth certificates etc, can all help a thief to use your identity however they choose. You could then find yourself in thousands of dollars worth of debt, and with your credit rating in tatters.

A Locksmith Can Advise You

A good locksmith is skilled in many areas, and is more than likely a specialist in at least one. This means that they do much more than pick locks and make keys. The best locksmiths can install security doors, electronic locks, and keyless systems. They can also put locks on windows, garages and doors.  

This means that if you are worried your mailbox could fall prey to mail thieves, a locksmith can help you to prevent that from happening. Not only will they replace your low security lock with one that is sturdier and cannot be opened with a master key, but they will also give you tips on how else you can protect your mail.

For instance, a locksmith can gauge just how easy it may be for a thief to break into your mailbox using a tool, such as a screwdriver. If your mailbox is flimsy, they may suggest that you replace the entire mailbox rather than just the lock.

Take the Time to Choose a Good Locksmith

When you begin your search for a locksmith, don't just pick the first one or two that you come across. Look for signs of excellence and repute. A good locksmith will have plenty of good reviews on trusted review sites such as Yelp. They will also be a member of the MLAA, the Master Locksmiths Association of Australia, a membership that guarantees excellence.

Although hiring a locksmith isn't cheap, a good locksmith can help you to keep your mail and your identity from falling into the wrong hands. For more information, contact companies like Cambridge Locksmiths.