How to Protect Your Outbuildings From Crime

In Australian homes, outbuildings are often left in a relatively unprotected state, unlike the parts that are lived in. Although the number one item stolen from homes in the country is money – and few people would keep cash in an outbuilding – all sorts of goodies stored in a shed, a summerhouse or a garage can attract the unwanted attention of thieves. Belongings that can be sold on quickly are frequently targeted by criminals. Therefore, personal possessions like bicycles can be subject to theft from outbuildings, for example. In addition, power tools that you might store in a shed can also be attractive to burglars. Preventing all unwarranted access may be impossible for most homeowners, but you can make your belongings more secure in outbuildings by making access harder for criminals. Take a look at the following low-cost security steps.

Improved Locking Mechanisms

Sheds and other wooden structures will often come with a lock on the door but little else by way of security. Multi-point locks can be fitted at a relatively low cost to the inside of a shed door. However, an even cheaper way of making it harder to break into a shed is to screw a hasp and staple to the outside and place a padlock on it. A secondary lock, like this, doesn't just make it harder to unpick access to your shed, but it makes the door stronger and, therefore, more difficult to kick in.

Screened Access

To provide improved security to an outbuilding like a summerhouse or a garage, security doors should be fitted. This makes the doorway virtually impenetrable to all but the most professional of thieves. Security screens over windows will also put off any would-be burglars who will probably decide that it is much easier to target an outbuilding on another property than go through the hassle of trying to break into yours. Bear in mind that contemporary security screens need not look like a functional item these days because they come in some attractive designs.

Zonal Lighting

Why outbuildings are sometimes vulnerable is because they are not lit up, unlike the main part of a home. These days, you can fit security lighting anywhere, even if there is no electrical power available. Modern motion detection lighting products can be charged during the day by the sun's rays using integrated solar panels. Fit some in each zone of your garden and put off criminals who might want to sneak across to your outbuildings undetected.