Why Move Your Items to a Self-Storage Unit?

A self-storage unit is a good choice for anyone whose home seems to be drowning in clutter, or for those who simply don't have the space to properly store everything they need. While using a self-storage unit does mean a quick drive to the facility every time you want to store or retrieve something, there are many reasons why that minor inconvenience is well worth the trip. Note a few of those reasons why you might want to consider a self-storage unit for some of your household items.


If you don't have room to store items properly, they're more likely to get damaged. Holiday decorations can get crushed, dishes and glassware can get broken, and sporting goods can get chipped or cracked. Spokes on bicycle tires might get bent or broken, and furniture pieces can also get damaged if you stack items on top of them. Organizing items and putting them away safely and securely in a self-storage unit can mean less risk of any of this damage.

Forcing you to downsize!

If you know you need to clean out your household items and purge some clutter, using a self-storage unit can actually force you to finally get this done. You'll need to organize your items to put everything in proper bins, and this can help you to know what can be tossed. You'll also need to pay more money for a larger unit, and this can be motivation to purge items as you get things ready to store away.  

Better climate control

Many household items need to be stored in a climate-controlled environment, as humidity can allow wood to soften and crack, while high heat can wear down batteries in lawn care equipment or cause rubber pieces to harden and chip. Your garage or basement may not provide this controlled environment, and if you turn off the heating or air conditioning while you're away at the office, even your home may not be the right storage area for many of your things. A climate-controlled unit can mean storing items away from excess heat, cold, and humidity, so they're always properly protected.

Make room for new things

You may actually need some new things for the family, but don't know where you'll store additional clothes, sporting goods, and the like. By moving some items that you use less often to a self-storage unit, you can open up what room you do have for anything new that you need, without adding to your clutter.