3 Simple Reminders When Choosing Flowers for Any Occasion

Choosing flowers for your own special occasion, or to send to someone else, may seem like a simple task, but once you start shopping and see all the choices you have, you might find it to be more complicated than you expected! To make the process easier and ensure you, or your recipient, love the arrangement chosen, note a few simple reminders when shopping for flowers for any occasion:


The colours of flowers in a bouquet are actually very important. Red and pink are often associated with love, so red roses, pink carnations, lilies with red or pink veining, and other such flowers are good for weddings or for your sweetheart. However, avoid bold red or soft pink flowers for a co-worker! Try something more neutral such as white or even a subtle, darker shade of reddish purple instead.

Yellow and orange are considered very cheerful, so they're good for flowers you're sending to someone in the hospital or who is feeling down, but avoid these colours for funeral flowers. Choose white lilies or carnations instead; if you do prefer red roses or carnations for a funeral, break up the colour with lots of greenery between the blooms.

Religious symbols

Flower bouquets can be arranged in a religious symbol, such as a cross or Star of David. However, unless you know the person receiving the flowers would appreciate those symbols, be very careful of using them. Never assume that a funeral arrangement should be in such a religious symbol, as the deceased may not have endorsed the religious beliefs even of their family, and it's very presumptuous to send a symbol of your own religion to someone else. Exercise caution and, if in doubt, choose something neutral and without any religious symbolism.

Storage and display

Consider how a recipient will store and display the flowers once received. If you're sending something to a co-worker, a very large and voluminous bouquet might overwhelm their desk and actually get in the way! The same is true for those in the hospital; consider where and how a patient will display overly large arrangements. A smaller bouquet might be a better option in these cases.

On the other hand, if you're sending flowers that are meant for an entire department, something larger that is easily seen at the front desk can be the better option. Consider the same if you're ordering flowers for yourself; note the size of your table or desk where the arrangement will be displayed, and choose a proportionate size for the bouquet.

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