Luxury Features to Include in Your Home's New Pool

When planning on having a new pool installed at your home, you want to consider every available luxury feature and detail, as some additional features for new home pools are actually more affordable and easier to install than you might realize. Consider a few of those luxury features to discuss with your pool installer, so you can determine if they can be included in your design and your budget.


Fountains aren't as difficult or expensive to install by a pool as you might think; most fountains are created with a small pump that simply pulls water through a spigot or nozzle, spraying the water upward. This simple mechanism can be installed in a separate area built next to the pool, so that the fountain matches the design precisely and doesn't look like an afterthought. You can even use any number of containers that are meant to hold and conceal pool fountain pumps, for added visual interest and style.


Waterfalls in a pool can actually help the water in the pool to circulate, distributing its chemicals and reducing the risk of algae build-up. Also, the sound of the waterfall can be very relaxing, and will help block out noise from your neighbours or a nearby roadway.

Waterfalls are also easier to install than you may realize; like fountains, waterfalls work with a pump mechanism that just pulls and directs water toward the fall area. This waterfall can be made with a simple wall next to the pool, with an area to collect water and openings for the falls.

Swim-up bar

A swim-up bar can make it easier for you and your guest to relax while in the pool. This bar can be a simple ledge with a built-in seating area under it. This bar can also be as expansive as you wish; you can add a hidden cooler behind the ledge, outside the pool, to hold cold drinks, and even make it tall enough for someone to stand behind the bar to serve those drinks! Your pool installer can work with you to design a bar that works for your pool size and for your entertaining needs.

Swim jets

If you love to swim but don't have the space for an Olympic-sized pool, consider swim jets. These jets work to create resistance in the water so you can swim in one spot. In turn, you can get your exercise or practice your strokes, even in a short and compact pool.