Answering Your Questions About Outdoor Coastal Shade Sails

Shade sails are a great solution for any outdoor space where you want some protection from the sun and the elements without having to add an awning, carport, roof extension and the like. If you're considering how to add shade to your home's exterior, note a few commonly asked questions about shade sails so you can determine if these are the right choice for your property.

Do shade sails get dirty?

It's easy to think that a shade sail would get very dirty from being exposed to rain, snow, dirt, dust and sand, but the material used for the sails will always be naturally water-resistant, so rain doesn't just drip through the fabric. As rainwater rolls off the material, it will take all that dirt and dust with it. Because the sails are positioned at an angle, this also allows dust and dirt to slide off the surface, so you should rarely notice any dirty streaks or other unsightly marks on the sails.

Do shade sails make an outdoor area very dark?

When you hear the word "shade," you may assume that the area under a sail will be dark and even a bit too cool and uncomfortable. However, note that shade sails are available in a variety of colours and fabrics, to help control how much light they allow to pass through. If you want just a small amount of shade over the patio area, choose a lighter colour sail with a loose weave that lets in sunlight. For maximum protection against the sun, such as over a carport, opt for a dark colour with a dense weave that blocks out a high percentage of sunlight.

Why choose shade sails versus an awning or roof extension?

There are many benefits to shade sails versus other structures; one benefit is that these sails can be installed over somewhat awkward spaces that wouldn't accommodate an awning, such as a pool. You can easily place the poles needed for sails around the pool and stretch the sail between them; this will protect the water and make swimmers more comfortable during hot summer days. Awnings and roof extensions also may not allow for as much air circulation as a shade sail, so a patio or deck under sails may be more comfortable and less stuffy. The sails can also be tilted at more of an angle than any roof structure, so you can add extra shade along one side of your patio or deck, if needed.