Misconceptions You Might Have About Alternative Air Conditioning Units

Many homeowners assume that a central air conditioning unit is the best or only choice for cooling their homes; this is often because they have many misconceptions and misunderstandings about their alternative choices, such as a window unit or a split-system air conditioner. Note a few of those common misconceptions here so you can separate the facts from the fiction about these alternative air conditioning solutions and find the best system for cooling your home.

Split systems or window units won't cool a large space

It is true that split systems and window units won't cool as much space as a central air conditioning unit, since a central A/C pushes air through all the ducts and vents in a home. However, many window units are more powerful than they were in the past and can easily cool a large bedroom or family room. A split-system unit can often cool an entire first floor, depending on how many walls and other barriers are in the way of its airflow. Note, too, that a split-system unit can be installed with multiple panels that are connected to the same outside vent so that you can have them placed in various areas of the home, allowing you to cool the entire space.

Alternative air conditioning units are loud

A split-system unit in the home should make no more noise than a standard floor fan, as its motor is typically muffled and small enough to be very quiet. The compressor may also be placed along an exterior wall, versus in the panel that blows out cold air.

Window units today are also typically very quiet, as they will often have added insulation around the interior pieces, keeping them muffled. You can also shop specifically for units that are rated as "whisper quiet," and note the actual decibels at which they operate, as this can tell you the noise levels they produce.

Alternative air conditioners don't lower humidity

When the air in the home is cooled, this will lower humidity levels, as humidity doesn't evaporate so well in warm air; even floor fans will help to lower a room's overall humidity levels. However, if you're concerned about the amount of humidity that is in your home, shop for a split system or window air conditioner with a built-in dehumidifier; these will actually note how much humidity the unit removes while working, so you'll know if it's strong enough to keep your home comfortable.

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