Window Treatments: Three Appealing Styles for Residential Indoor Blinds

If you are thinking about upgrading the window treatments in your home, you should consider selecting indoor blinds. These can enhance your interior space by adding some visual interest to your windows. Moreover, blinds are effective in controlling the light flow from the sun, and they will improve your privacy. When shopping for the perfect window blinds, you must consider the style in which the treatments are designed. The choice will affect the aesthetics of your home and even the practical functionality of the new feature. Here is a brief description of the most appealing styles for your indoor blinds.

Venetian Blinds

The most common indoor blind design in the residential market is the Venetian style. This popularity can be attributed to the fact that the style will work well with almost every home interior design, and the treatment can be fitted over any type of window. Basically, Venetian blinds are built using horizontal slats which are joined and held together by resilient strings. The slats are made from materials such as vinyl, aluminium and even wood. The blinds are operated by pulling a cord system that manipulates the strings holding the slats together. This allows the window to be opened partially or fully, depending on the immediate requirements.

Vertical Blinds

The simple appearance of vertical blinds will increase the elegance of your residential space without drawing excessive attention. This style of blinds is structurally similar to the Venetian type. However, the slats that form the window treatment are vertical instead of horizontal. This reduces the general amount of dust settling on the surfaces, minimising the total maintenance required for great performance. Like the Venetian blinds, the vertical blinds have a cording system which allows the slats to be controlled or opened, depending on the need. You should consider installing this window treatment over your large residential windows or entryways such as the patio door.

Roller Blinds

If your primary objective is to block out excessive light, you should consider using roller blinds. This type of blind is made using a flat piece of material or fabric. It is an suitable choice for open rooms that receive a lot of sunshine. This treatment will prevent the infiltration of harmful rays that cause carpet and upholstery fading. When the roller blind is closed, there will be complete light blockage.

When shopping for your new window blinds, look for high-quality materials for optimal durability.